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Surf and Turf 

12oz. Myer’s New York Strip, Served Over Roasted Red Potatoes, Topped with Prawns and Chimichurri




Blackened Snapper Over Polenta Cakes, Drizzled with a Cajun Heirloom Tomato Sauce




Cinnamon Roll Bread Pudding With Vanilla Ice Cream     6.95

Key Lime Pie Topped with shaved almond and Strawberry Pureé     6.95

6 Layer Chocolate cake     7.95

Strawberry Balsamic Swirl Icecream, Pound Cake, and Balsamic Strawberries     6.95




Today's Oysters



Dam Big (“Dam” Ariscotta Estuary), Maine;  A very large, briny oyster with a smooth nutty finish

    Quarter Dozen - 20        Half Dozen - 39

Blue Point, Connecticut; medium salinity, springy meat with a light mineral finish

Half Dozen- 14                    Dozen- 27

James River, Virginia; meaty and mild oysters with low salinity

Half Dozen - 10            Dozen- 19

Wellfleets, Cape Cod; Sharp brine with plump meats and a rounded seaweed finish

Half Dozen - 12            Dozen - 23

Sun Hollows, Washington State; Sweet, plump meats with moderate brine

Half Dozen - 17             Dozen - 33

Pink Moon, P.E.I. Canada; Creamy meats with a perfect balance

of salt and mineral on the finish

Half Dozen - 17            Dozen - 33

Hollywoods, Maryland; Mild mineral brine, and a round, broth finish

Half Dozen - 13            Dozen - 25

Permaquid, Maine; A firm cold water oyster with a slightly lemonyand clean finish

Half Dozen - 16            Dozen - 31

Kusshi, Vancouver IslandNice salt content. Robust and meaty with a sweet cucumber finish.

Half Dozen - 24                    Dozen - 47

 Irish Point, Nova Scotia, Canada; A meaty, cold water oyster with a great salty taste

Half Dozen - 19    Dozen - 37

Bodie Island, North Carolina; An average sized and slightly briny oyster. 

Half Dozen -12     Dozen -23

Chincoteague Salts, Virginia; The name says it all, a highly salty oyster

 with an average size.

Half Dozen - 14        Dozen - 27