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Specials Available at 5 PM



A Sampler of Our Delicious Wings Paired With Your Choice of 4 House Made Craft Brews. Wing Flavors On Deck Tonight Are; Teriyaki, Sriracha Garlic, Carolina Dust, and Jamaican Jerk. 





6.95 each

Peach Cobbler Topped with a Bailey's Infused White Chocolate Glaze Served with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

Vanilla Creme Brûlée Topped With Fresh Blackberries

Sweet Potato Maple Cheesecake Served With Vanilla Bean Ice Cream





Today's Oysters

Sun Hollows, Washington State; Sweet, plump meats with moderate brine

Half dozen - 12         Dozen - 23

Capitals, Washington; Deep cup oyster with a slight melon finish

Half Dozen - 12         Dozen - 23

Daisy Bay, Rustico Harbour, PEI;  A larger version of Irish Points, these lead

with a bright salinity which yield to a sweet finish

Half Dozen- 13   Dozen- 25 

Glacier Point, Alaska; Dynamic brine with a gentle crunch and 

clean vegetal finish

Half Dozen -19            Dozen - 37 

Gulf Coast, Texas; Large and meaty, these gulf oysters have a 

great briny finish

Half Dozen - 12                Dozen - 23

Komo Gway,  British Columbia; Medium brine, deep shell, and a creamy cucumber finish                    

Half Dozen - 14              Dozen - 27

Pickering Pass, Washington; Medium Brine With A Bright Cucumber Finish 

Half Dozen - 17          Dozen - 34

Raspberry Point New London Bay -- Prince Edward Island, Canada; Crunchy meat with a gentle brine and sweet mushroom finish.

Half Dozen - 16            Dozen - 31 

Shiny Sea,  PEI, Canada; Plump meat with nice brine and a sweet finish

Half Dozen - 14        Dozen - 27

Gigamoto, British Columbia; Medium brine with a mild cucumber finish.

Half Dozen - 12        Dozen - 23

All oysters are 25% off during Happy Hour M-F 4-7*