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Fräulein Hefeweizen (20 oz) $6

A German style wheat, this beer is made of approximately 55% malted wheat as it is traditional with the style. Look for great banana and clove notes as well as a rich creamy head. We took the liberty of adding a few additional pounds of Caramunich to give it a beautiful orange glow.                                                                                                     

ABV - 5.2%  IBU - 12                                                                                                

Southern Belle Blonde (16 oz) $5

A tribute to lighter ales, this beer will highlight 2-row malt with a touch of Vienna. We use German Hersbrucker and Perle Hops to finish it off with a clean and slightly floral note.                                    

ABV - 5.0% IBU - 17    

Twisted IPA (16 oz) $6

The Twisted IPA is a variable IPA that is crafted with a traditional West Coast recipe, but modified so that each individual batch is unique for that specific season.  Please check with your server for specifics on Flavor Profiles, ABV, IBUs, and Pairings.                                                                                                                                                      ABV, IBU - Variable

Bourbon Stout (9 Oz) $9

We aged our milk stout in a Woodford Reserve barrel for an entire year to impart a rich bourbon character, resulting in the perfect beer for lovers of stouts and bourbon alike!                                                                                                                                                

ABV - 10% IBU - 28                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Sexi Mexi (16 0z.) $6

A traditional Mexican style lager. We used 100 lbs. of fresh corn to create a slightly sweet note. Battered with mild hops for a clean, crisp, and refreshing finish. Try it with our Jambalaya. 

ABV - 4.6% IBU - 18

Dead Head Red (16 oz) $5

This is an ale version of a traditional Fest or Marzen from Germany. Hefty doses of Dark Munich and Caramunich give this beer a sweet and complex, malty backbone. It is finished off with floral and slightly spicy hops.                                                                                                                     ABV -5 .9% IBU - 30                                                                                            

Kronkel VIII (13 oz) $8

The second Installment in the Twisted Belgian Series is a beautiful golden Tripel. Aromas of orange and sweet honey are followed by a mildly sweet and spicy beer with a surprisingly dry finish.                                                                                                                           

ABV - 8.5% IBU - 33

Irish Dry Stout (13 oz) $5

Crafted with both roasted and flaked barrel, this dry stout provides a rich and creamy flavor. Early and late additions of traditional noble hops balance the brew with a touch of bitterness and aroma to accentuate the light sweetness of the malt                                                                                           ABV - 5.3%  IBU - 30                                                                                                                         

Weisse - Ass (13 oz) $6

Our take on a classic Berliner Weisse sour beer. We balanced a prominent wheat backbone and a conservative dose of German hops with the perfect level of sourness to create a supremely drinkable and refreshing beverage.                                                           

ABV - 4.2%  IBU - 8

Tall, Dark, and Hoppy (16 oz) $6.5

This is a black IPA with a twist. We used a pale build with a small addition of black malt to create a smooth but surprisingly dark beer. We fermented with a special lager yeast to help accentuate aromatic qualities as well as the crispiness of the beer. 

ABV - 7%  IBU - 77

Session IPA (16 oz) $6

Flavor and aroma abound in this session IPA, which was continuously hopped with a variety of hops featuring complex, tropical notes including El Dorado and Rokau. A carefully crafted grain bill featuring seven malts serves to balance the brew without distracting from the prominent hop profile. 

ABV - 4.7% IBU- 42

El Diablo (9 oz) $5

This fan - favorite habanero infusion of our Twisted IPA is back for another limited release! Grab one while supplies last for a complex brew packed with the sweet heat of habaneros and the crisp bitterness of mosaic hops

ABV, IBU - Variable

Rotating Taps - Ask your Server or Bartender for Details!