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On the West Coast, it seems that every town has a brewpub that embodies the spirit of that community. It is a place where friends and family gather to share an intimate experience. It is truly the heartbeat of the town.

My name is Chris Baldwin and I am the owner and head brewer at Twisted Spur. I am originally from Columbia, but had an opportunity to live and travel around the West Coast after graduating from The University of South Carolina. I discovered an incredible culture centered around the beautiful art of making craft beer and pairing that beer with amazing cuisine to create an experience that is unique to that place. At Twisted Spur Brewing, we are bringing this idea and culture to South Carolina.

Pairing our incredible, one of a kind craft brews with food that stands above the rest in its quality and preparation, Twisted Spur provides you with a complete experience that embodies the spirit of our town. By sharing this wonderful craft beer culture with everyone, we hope to eventually become a “heartbeat” in this community as the craft beer revolution spreads. I hope you enjoy!

- Chris Baldwin, Head Brewer, Owner

Meet the Brewers


Owner/ Head Brewer

Bio Coming SOON!



Kristina is our first female brewer here at Twisted Spur. She got her start in homebrewing right at 21 years old. She expanded her knowledge with beer while bartending in tap rooms in Greenville, South Carolina until she moved to Austin, Texas. While there she had an opportunity at Beerburg Brewing Company that allowed her to assistant brew. She moved back to South Carolina in January of 2021, continuing to homebrew and experiment with fun recipes. In June she started her journey at Twisted Spur. She is the creator of some of our seasonal beers, including the Woman's Day collaboration beer that she lead with  our female staff: Hop Girl Summer. She is part of the Pink Boots Society: Charlotte chapter. And Kristina is currently enrolled in Siebel Institute of Technology: Concise Course in Brewing Technology, with hopes of getting her Master Brewer certification in a few years.

Favorite Twisted Spur Beer? 

Hop Girl Summer, of course!

Favorite Style of Beer?

Irish Red Ales


Traveling, trying new restaurants/breweries, reading, going to concerts/music festivals, and spending time with my family and my dog Ashe!



Drew is a local from Bamberg, South Carolina. He started his brewing journey in Charleston at Freehouse Brewery. His experience at Freehouse grew his knowledge of organic brewing. Drew then moved to Edmund's Oast Brewing Company to further his knowledge in brewing, more specifically in sour beers. Somewhere in the midst of all this, he built up a pretty impressive homebrew system that he brews fun experimental beers on. In late 2020, he moved to Washington state to live off-grid and work in an organic plant nursery. ( ;) ) He then made his way back home to South Carolina and began brewing at Twisted Spur during the Summer of 2021. He is the mastermind of seasonal favorites such as the Hot & Hazy IPA and the Graf (a historical beer based off a Stephen King novel.) 

Favorite Twisted Spur Beer? 
Hot & Hazy IPA
Favorite Style of Beer?
Playing guitar, making jewelry, gardening, and reading brew books

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